How to Get Adsense Approval for Blogger

Are you searching for qualify for Adsense with a new Blogger blog? So you are the right place to find and get accepted from Google Adsense approval team.


How to Qualify for AdSense through Blogger:

Google Adsense is a Best Contextual Ads paying program for Bloggers. 

Every blogger dream is placed ads of a blogger as it shows relevant content matching ads and user interest-based ads to get high CTR(Click-Through-Rate) and Make Money Online.

But every blogger remains the same question and think to be Approved within a Short-Time.


For Newbie:

High Quality Content

You may start research online with many search terms, but these are the proven steps.You may try for re-applying and get rejected without any content on your new blog

Why Rejected?

Check reason from Adsense Team in your mail with any reason like low-quality content, no proper regular pages , no proper navigation for best user interface or sometimes design of your blog also matters on Approval.

And most of the bloggers use as a platform as it FREE (even me used at first). 

But Is Adsense approval your blog for showing ads for Blogspot Users? Definitely, Yes!

 But getting  Approved fast is not that easy because it has strict rules and regulations about account approval.So you should take care of all the steps below to get approved.

Most of people think that blogspot user blog should be minimum six months old but it’s not genuine. Because Adsense need Publishers to earn money fro themselves also. Right? 

If you have a quality blog or website with quality content with design. You can get approved in a short period of time like within 24hrs also.

Start learning about quality and seo friendly article writing and write atleast 10 best posts with minimum 1500 words.

Learn content writing tricks online and try testing with different posts. Conclude when it works for you. Go on with same steps.

Social Fan Pages for Blog

Create Facebook and Twitter  Pages for your blog and input your blog web address in pages.It can help google to crawl your best for traffic and blog reputation also.

Show social icons for following your Fan Pages in every page or better to include in footer.

Add floating social sharing icons for better user experience. Use AddThis is a free tool for floating share icons that used on my Blog too. Share this post.

You must have a logo, it can be simple or good.Create a logo for your blog to think that you are serious about blogging because they verify each account manually for approval.

Minimum Posts

This is a blogger Adsense approval trick for a New Blog. So, check out to have minimum posts of (20+) on your blog with quality content and design. With a custom domain, the approval chances are so high.


We are  Blogspot users.
So, most of the times Google Adsense Intelligence Team rejects your account with a default theme and settings.

 So, customize your blog theme.

Below step is most important:

You may find Google Adsense account approval trick with HTML code on some websites. Ads will be displayed with your publisher ID but when a visitor clicks on an ad, you don’t get any earning and it can lead your account suspended if they detect it.

So, There is NO Blogger  Adsense Approval Trick and you don’t get any earnings on using it too.

Qualify for  AdSense through blogger is easy by following this steps.

Check List to Get Adsense approval Fast:

  • Sign up for Adsense using Google apps like
  • Create Pages like About, Contact, Privacy, Disclaimer, Terms and conditions and more if you can.
  • Be sure your blog looks like a Professional Website.
  • Have at least 15-20 posts with High-Quality Content.
  •  (Don’t copy the content from others as it illegal and can claim a complaint on you)
  • Don’t use Copyrighted images on Blog Posts. If you are using images from Google Images, go back and delete them immediately.
  • Be sure your sidebar looks clean and professional.
  • Create Social Media Pages and Community.
  • Every single post has to be a minimum of 900 to 1500 words for more chances.
  • Apply for Adsense and Enjoy!
  • But  Google Adsense Approvals are most for at least 20+ posts in Blog. (In my view)

 If rejected, reapply until it gets approved. You know even I got after 2 re-submissions.

 Try to do more re-submissions. This Post has Adsense policies according to the date of the last updated of the post. 

But Adsense may change their policies any time. So Be check their policies regularly.

So, You got Google Adsense approval and qualified but How to Get your Site Top on Google Search Results? 

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What are the reasons in emails you are getting from AdSense for rejected?
Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi suman
    I am a fan your blog.
    I found this post is a wealthy content post.
    And thanks for the valuable information.

    I want to know your blog shows adsense ads only with 6 posts?


  2. Ram

    Awesome post I followed this tips and I got adsense approved.
    Thanks a lot sir

  3. Suman Matety

    Yes I got adsense approved.
    Try to make your posts content wealthy, definitely adsense team will approve your request.
    Good luck.

  4. Suman Matety

    Hi Ram,
    Congratulations, you got adsense approved Bye using our tricks.
    Follow adsense rules for better earnings.

  5. Sean

    Excellent article I ever read.
    Thanks a lot

  6. Prakash

    Super article I ever read.

  7. Krish

    Excellent data i found and i sm unsble get approved.
    Getting mail from adsense about insufficeint content.
    What to do?
    Please help.

  8. Max

    I am also facing same problem.
    Please help

  9. Suman Matety

    Try post minimum posts of 20 with quality content and use all social networking features for blog and reapply.
    Good luck


    Googl send me an email that your account is fully approved now you can place ad unit on your blog. But when I place ad unit it is showing blank space. I got AdSense email on 30th April.

  11. Suman Matety

    Hi Vipul,
    It takes time to show relevant ads based on your niche. Place ad units responsive and try.Wait for 24 hours.
    if you face again, contact me.

  12. Asim Mehmood

    Thanks man great help.. where did you get this theme.. did you upload any theme and customize it or used blogger theme and edit it..please reply soon because i have bought a domain and seriously wanted to start a blog.

  13. Suman Matety

    Let me clear that you got a mail from adsense about approval?
    If you get approved make sure create ad unit with responsive and wait for hours to show a relevant ad.

  14. Suman Matety

    Hey Madhu,
    I have seen your blog . Change your blog design and make categories . Mainly concentrate on theme and elements.

  15. Suman Matety

    Hi Asim,
    You can get themes online ,get a theme bases on your niche and follow the steps given above.

  16. Suman Matety

    Apply a good seo template and post minimum posts of 20 with minimum 600 words with keywords.
    Then reply.
    Good luck .

  17. Anonymous

    Wow!, great article,I have been really scared of adsense before now, maybe I should try applying for it now, but please before I apply, help me check my template I got rich articles to post, so never mind commenting on that, but since I got you my mentor running ads with six posts I might as well follow his lead(lol). And again do I need a custom gmail account to apply? Thank you Pal.

  18. Suman Matety

    You dont need any custom gmail account for approval.

  19. Aman Singh

    How can I approve unlimited Adsense account from my single blog?

  20. Suman Matety

    I seen your blog.
    Change blog theme and make it reponsive.
    Post article with minimum 600 words.
    Try read my post again and reapply.
    Good luck

  21. Suman Matety

    Sorry Adsense dont approve for .tk domain.
    Use Blogger for better ranking and user experience.

  22. Suman Matety

    Hi Nitin,
    Actually we don't need separate AdSense account for each website but we should create separate AdSense for every website you create because if your AdSense get disabled for any reason , all the other websites get penalized.

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