How To Create Free Blog and Make Money

 Everybody thinks about having a blog and run it as a professional but it can be expensive with hosting and domain. So, Here learn about creating free blog and make money. It can be easy with blogger to create a blog for free now. Which shows your passion and earns money from it.

Most of the people like you and me at the begginging think that it is not easy. But with the steps given below it is easy for you to create free blog. You can earn decent amount too.

It’s easy! Yes

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How To Create a Blog For Free And Make Money

Creating a Blog for Free:

Here at SmartSuman, I have written articles about blogging. There are many blogging platforms online with excellent tools. But which is better to use? This Post is for beginner and I don’t let spend money on Domain and good hosting.

Now: is a free service which is powered by Google and has some limitations. Anyhow, every new blogger doesn’t want to spend money on Domain and Hosting. I won’t suggest you do that if you are a newbie in blogging.

Just learn about Blogging first. 

As I mentioned above, for a newbie its better use first and you can host and buy domain after you know about Blogging totally.

Make Money From Blog:

This post is totally for beginner and wants to create a free blog and make money too. 

Yes, you can make money from your free blog. I have added basics in this.

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    Here is the deal:

Before I start a complete step-by-step order guide, there is a basic about You Should Know:

   1. is a powered by Google Service.
   2. If you have wanted to earn a decent amount from your blog.
       Without investment, is good for every beginner with ease to use navigation. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Create a Blog on

Firstly, You need a gmail account to sign up and create a blog for free on However, If you don’t have you can create for free on

But I highly recommend to go with a custom domain if you can afford for it.

Once you are logged into Go to and search for and open Blogger.

Click on “New Blog” as shown in Picture

how to create a blog for free and make money,create a blog google,free blog maker
Click New Blog

Name your blog in the Title and blog address as shown, if available, select theme or you can change it later then click on “Create“. Your blog will be created and blog address will be like 

add blog tittle in blogger,how to add blog domain tittle,blogger
Add Title To Your Free Blog

You are Done! Your Free Blog is Created but it design and elements should professional, Right?

This is Crazy:

Create Pages:

create pages in blogger,how to create an about me page on blogger,how to create pages in blogger
Add Pages to Your Free Blog

Create basic pages like contact,about,terms & conditions,privaacy policy and more if you needed.

Earn from Your FREE Blog Using Adsense:

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Check Earnings From Your Blog

Yes, You can earn from your blog with Google Adsense when it reaches to Adsense Eligibility. So, go to Earnings section and check if your blog is eligible for AdSense or not. 

If your main aim is to earn from your business blog, modify it and major steps to be taken and read How to Get Adsense Eligibility.

Modify using Layout:

customize blogger template,how to edit blogger layout,how to customize blogger template
Customize Blogger Template

Go to Layout, You can see page elements that add your Blog Logo and make changes. You can edit like dragging and dropping an element from one place to other. 

Write Your First Post:

how to write a blog post on blogger,first blog posts,first blog post title
Write First Post

Start Posting your first post. Here beginners make mistake here.They just copy data from others and paste. But you dont traffic and your blog will be penalised by google.

You dont get adsense approval if you want to use it.Just write quality content with SEO optimised ariticles with berif explanation.Make research on Search Engines Optimisation to rank top on google.

Quality is better than Quantity

Start Blogging and Earn Money Online.
Happy Blogging!

So, You created your first post and well done about the blog but how to get your blog top in Google Search Results

I recommended you to go with best hosting and create a domain for high goals in bloggind.
What are you thinking about this post on creating a blog for free and make money? 
Let me know and share it by supporting us.

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  1. John

    I have created a blog on blogger.
    How to edit the default blogger template

  2. Suman Matety

    Hi John,
    To edit blogger default template,go theme and click on Backup/Restore then Download your old template for future and click choose file and select the file.
    Done .

  3. Its a wonderful post and very helpful, thanks for all this information. You are including better information regarding this topic in an effective way.Thank you so much

  4. Krish

    Yes i too like this post .

  5. nweke pascal

    what theme is best for google Adsense approval and which other ads program can you use for your blog

  6. Suman Matety

    Hi Pascal,
    Just Use best SEO Optimized theme for your blog.and redesign .I dont use any other ad networks.

  7. Harish Kumar

    Thanks for the useful post,I looking forward to create my free blog but I have some difficulties in creating,finally I found genuine information on your blog,keep doing this quality work

  8. sir please give me a seo optimized template my blog is please chek my blog and tell how to improve my blog

  9. Suman Matety

    Hi Arun,
    You can download online with best seo template or you customize your blog sidebar that's enough and create pages like disclaimer,t&c,privacy .
    Check my other posts.

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