On-Page SEO Checklist That Helps You to Rank (2020)

On-Page SEO techniques and factors that help your site to rank no 1 on Google. This On-page SEO checklist contains all the possible ways to optimize your website for ranking.

If you are searching for a better-proven strategy that works this is the post for On-Page SEO checklist.

On-Page SEO Checklist and Techniques


Start Your Tittle with Right Keyword:

Your target keyword must contain at the beginning of your title because of every person on google search with keywords and mostly it helps Google to understand what the post is.SEO Friendly URLs:

I have seen most of the bloggers use the label and time in their URLs.But after the domain, the title of the post is best for optimisation with only 3 words for better results in On-page SEO.

Bad Url

Best Url

But in blogger, we can’t do anything as the blogger defaults add the month and year after the domain name. But in WordPress, you can manage everything.

Add Power Words in Tittle:

Yes, Power words mean Best Seo Tips, Guide to On-page SEO, 2018, factors. It helps in longtail ranking.

Make Tittle as <h1>:
Make your title of the post as <h1> Heading. Because Heading contains the targeted keyword and if there is no h1 tag, Google penalize your site for ranking.

You should manually be done in blogger and it WordPress it automatically was done by WordPress.

Multimedia – Images, Videos and More;
You must add at least one image in a post. I mostly use 1 or 2 images in post. Images, videos, infographic makes the visitor confident about positive thinking and it helps Google to rank your images via image search.

You know mostly images help us to get a high bounce rate because the user stays high time by watching videos and infographic.

Include your target keyword in Sub-Headings:
Yes, You knows you must the <h> once a time in the post don’t use it repeatedly.That means most bloggers use <h2> tag 2 to 3 times.This is not good for on-page SEO.

Keyword in the First 100 words:
Make sure to add your target keyword in the first 100 words. Use Synonyms and LSI keywords if possible.

Responsive Design – Mobile Friendly:
Make your website Responsive to all size screens.
If you don’t have responsive template google don’t help you in ranking.

Out Bond Links:
On page SEO, outbound links play a major role because outbound links help the google to understand what article about. While crawling your post google checks the outbound links and the algorithm knows about the outbound link information it can easily understand the relativity of the topic.

Internal Linking with other related topics:
Link your other related articles which come under the same topic this helps google to find the topic of an article. Add 2 or 3 internal links in every post. 

Page Speed Insights:
Yes, Google started penalizing websites with slow loading. In On-Page SEO page loading is the main key to ranking with others. It better to make your site load time about is 2-3seconds.

Use LSI keywords in Post:
Use all the LSI keywords in your post with the right placement. Just add the synonyms of the keywords in the posts. It measures the quality of the site.

Image Optimisation:
Yes, compress your images with tools online and alt-text with tittle. Make sure to have the keyword in the images name – on-page-seo.png

Social Media Shares:
The more shares you get the high chances you get in ranking. Because more people visit your site and you get the impression from google.

Long Content:
Yes, Post long content with about 600 words because Google ranks the site with high data and also it contains more keywords.

Get more comments because comments are also considered as the content of the post by Google.

So, What do you think about On-Page Seo Optimization Checklist with Techniques that work in 2018?


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